Conceived in the spirit of the concept album and rock opera of a bygone era, The Continual Return of Dr. Ordinaire picks up musical and narrative threads introduced on the stages of Los Angeles gothic clubs by the Moodorgan Project and its enigmatic bandleader, Pierre Ordinaire.

Contemporary electronic production and sound design are just one aspect of an eclectic sonic mix invoking non-linear story lines that span a range historical eras and geographical contexts. An immersive experience — as in the previous live incarnation — with robust visuals an essential part of the unfolding journey.

This project is currently in production; look for an announcement by Coredark Records in 2023 — in the meantime occasional updates will be made here and on the social media channels, below.


This version of Innocence is similar to the live version; a sonic vignette from the world of Dr. Ordinaire:

This track is a re-interpretation of a song that appeared frequently in Hollywood club sets:


Prologue - Remember The Truth

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This video introduces some themes that flow through The Continual Return — with an automaton alchemist surrounded by orreries and clockworks, high in an art-deco tower in a future-noir downtown Los Angeles:


This is an excerpt of an article from the days when Lip Service was a thriving downtown Los Angeles gothic/industrial/(cyber)punk institution, and when M. Ordinaire was seen regularly on the stages of Hollywood goth clubs. It makes for a good segue and introduction to The Continual Return.

Denizen of the Dark

Lip Service Webzine | March 2011

This month’s featured Denizen of the Dark is none other than Pierre Ordinaire, founder and mastermind of [this] Goth/Industrial live multimedia project ... Pierre exemplifies the transcendent Piscean spirit in his metaphysical and philosophical perspective ... if you’ve seen the show, you know it is a total immersion experience in which timeless archetypes are brought vividly into the present tense in living, breathing energy ...

Arthur C. Clarke once said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” The inventive spirit that infuses all aspects of this audio/visual artistry is the work of a modern-day alchemist of the highest order ... creative minds that are hungry for sophisticated and inspiring music are in for the ride of their lives.